ST Engineering

ST Engineering’s future-ready offering has been optimized by significant R&D investments, active engagement with research institutes, academic partners, and industry leaders. 

ST’s ICS security is branded as 90 percent, 9 percent, and 1 percent cybersecurity architecture. The technology is used to eliminate 90% of the known threats to reduce the noise threshold; processes are then applied to counter another 9% of the sophisticated threats and malware; and then, ST’s deep expertise is utilized to eliminate the last 1% of sophisticated and unknown threats.

Services include:

Identification: Develop organizational understanding to manage cybersecurity risk to systems, assets, data, and capabilities. 

Protect: Evolve appropriate safeguards to ensure delivery of critical infrastructure services.

Detect: Develop and adopt appropriate activities to identify occurrences of a cyber attack.

Respond: Offer appropriate responses to a detected cyber attack.

Recover: Develop and use appropriate activities to maintain plans for resilience and restore any impaired capabilities or services due to a cyber attack.

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