ThreatGEN services are delivered worldwide by operational technology (OT) cybersecurity professionals using chosen partnerships to create a holistic service offering. The company’s signature ‘Red vs. Blue’ training provides OT cybersecurity skills gap centers around cutting edge gamification, allowing clients to train cybersecurity skills and cybersecurity awareness, making it both practical and cost effective.

The company works with the client’s team in many ways to improve their network resiliency and OT cybersecurity capabilities through a modernized approach to ThreatGEN’s OT Security Services. It helps organizations identify, assess, and manage industrial cyber risk in a way that is safe, resource-effective, and makes sense to engineers, IT, and business leaders alike.

Services include:

  • ICS/OT Security Manager as a Service
  • ICS/OT security program and governance (advisory, creation, and maintenance)
  • ICS/OT cyber risk assessment and “cyber HAZOP”
  • ICS/OT standards, regulatory and compliance assessments
  • ICS/OT architecture and security engineering
  • IT/ICS/OT threat monitoring
  • ICS/OT cyber incident response
  • Cybersecurity training and awareness

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