CyberX partners with Microsoft on IoT security


CyberX announced today the Integration of their solution with Microsoft Azure Security Center for IoT and that they have joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association.

The new API-level integration with Microsoft Azure Security Center for IoT, enables joint clients to gain a unified view of security across all their managed and unmanaged IoT devices.

“CyberX’s IoT security platform and integration with the Microsoft Azure Security Center for IoT enables customers to go further and faster with IoT innovations that drive new revenue streams and operational efficiencies — without compromising on security.”

Addressing the Challenge with Robust, Agentless IoT Security

Azure Security Center for IoT simplifies hybrid workload protection by delivering unified visibility and control, adaptive threat prevention, and intelligent threat detection and response across workloads running on edge, on-premises, in Azure, and in other clouds.

CyberX’s agentless IoT security solution is easy to deploy and provides real-time visibility into all unmanaged devices within minutes of being connected to the network. Leveraging the industry’s only patented, M2M-aware behavioral analytics — eliminating the need to configure any rules or signatures or have any prior knowledge of the network — the CyberX platform:

  • Discovers and automatically profiles all IoT assets as well as how they’re communicating to provide deep asset visibility while enabling robust micro-segmentation policies.
  • Provides a risk score with risk-based mitigation recommendations for each device, based on vulnerabilities detected as well as continuously updated, IoT-specific threat intelligence provided by Section 52, CyberX’s in-house team of security researchers and threat analysts.
  • Continuously monitors network traffic and generates real-time alerts when devices exhibit suspicious or unauthorized behavior indicating compromise or misconfiguration.
  • Integrates with Azure Security Center for IoT to provide single pane-of-glass visibility of cyber risk for all managed and unmanaged IoT devices.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Microsoft to secure large and diverse IoT/OT environments for enterprises worldwide,” added Omer Schneider, CEO and co-founder at CyberX.

“Siloed solutions for protecting complex cyber-physical systems (CPS) are not the answer,” continued Nir Giller, CyberX co-founder, CTO, and GM of international operations. “IoT and cloud are driving the shift towards zero trust strategies that require a holistic understanding of what devices are connected and how they’re communicating — rather than on protecting a perimeter which no longer exists — so you can quickly detect and mitigate attacks before they impact your organization.”


Malware, vulnerabilities targeting OT systems surge

Increasing threats of vulnerabilities are steadily rising, particularly in sensitive areas such as OT systems and network devices, putting vital infrastructure at risk, according to data released by Skybox Research

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