Forescout launches new Enterprise of Things defense innovations

Forescout Enterprise of Things

Automated security provider Forescout Technologies, Inc. recently announced new capabilities and platform updates for defending the Enterprise of Things. These new innovations help users identify, segment and enforce compliance on every connected thing.

“The modern enterprise is an Enterprise of Things. As organizations benefit from increased connectivity, they have a unique challenge of securing a complex network of desktops, laptops, servers, mobile devices, OT systems along with a rapidly expanding IoT ecosystem,” Michael DeCesare, CEO and president, Forescout Technologies, said in a press release. “Forescout is setting the gold standard for securing the Enterprise of Things and giving our customers the ability to isolate, automate control and take action across any asset, anywhere, anytime to mitigate risk and operate fearlessly, without worrying about keeping critical assets online.”

The new innovations are designed to accelerate Zero Trust adoption, enable IT-OT convergence, reduce threat exposure and contain breach impact. With Forescout’s tools, organizations can reduce attack surface, maintain compliance and minimize breach impact across IT, IoT, healthcare and operational technology environments. According to the company, continuous monitoring of segmentation provides users with an instant understanding of new risks due to the expanded interconnectivity between traditional IT, cyber-physical and clinical technology domains.

Forescout’s eyeInspect product can consolidate security analyst tools, correlating alerts and automating compliance tasks for OT and ICS protection. Additionally, Forescout’s  eyeExtend modules provide enhanced segmentation enforcement capabilities for organizations embracing IT-OT convergence. This enables IT and OT security analysts to collaborate on risk mitigation and prevent threats from crossing across IT and OT domains.

“Today’s enterprise is evolving into a connected ‘enterprise of things’ driven by digital transformation, remote everywhere experience and hyper-connectivity,” Frank Dickson, Program Vice President, IDC, Security & Trust, said in the release. “In this perimeter-less world, an active defense approach is needed to reduce the attack surface against an increasing level of cyber threats.”

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