SCADAfence signs up to Fortinet’s Fabric-ready Technology Alliance


SCADAfence today announced it has joined the Fortinet Technology Alliance Partner program to enable facilities such as factories and power stations to safeguard the ever-expanding security perimeters of their IT and operational technology (OT) systems.

OT/IT convergence and the proliferation of IIoT are key drivers behind move to combine SCADAfence’s passive OT device and network monitoring and threat detection with Fortinet’s enforcement.

As the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) makes inroads into the manufacturing, critical infrastructure and building-management industries, the ‘Air Gap’, which traditionally separated IT and OT systems from the internet, is being swiftly eroded. In order to safeguard their facilities, organizations must now take action to secure the widening array of potential entry points that now exist for determined hackers, ranging from building entry-systems and external surveillance cameras to mission-critical control rooms.

Joint Solution Overview

Fortinet and SCADAfence’s technology partnership, made possible through the Fortinet Fabric-Ready Technology Alliance Program, enable organizations to plug the vulnerabilities that are now emerging in OT security as more devices and systems go online. Combining the Fortinet Security Fabric with SCADAfence’s dedicated OT security solutions allows organizations to enforce new security policies designed to give manufacturing facilities and vital utilities the multi-layered cybersecurity they urgently require in the absence of the once-protective air gap.

“Manufacturing facilities and utilities such as power stations in countries such as the US and the UK have become prime targets for state-sponsored threat actors as well as for financially motivated cyber criminals. For reasons of national security, it is now essential that those operating crucial facilities take immediate steps to safeguard their expanding security perimeters,” says SCADAfence CEO Elad Ben-Meir.

Joint Solution Benefits:

  • Integration of IT-OT security frameworks and processes;
  • Accurate asset discovery and inventory management across IT and OT;
  • Insights from SCADAfence platform for policy enforcement with the Fortinet Security Fabric;
  • Automation in OT for increased incident response efficiency and reduced response time.

Full PR Here

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