Verve Industrial releases Version 8.0 of Verve Security Center platform

Verve Industrial

The new version builds on Verve’ integrated approach to OT and IT security while including advanced features such as cloud-based installation, automated risk scoring and advanced machine learning threat detection.  

Chicago-based Verve Industrial has released Version 8.0 of its Verve Security Center platform, which allows users to take an integrated approach to IT and OT cyberthreats.

The company announced the debut of Verve Security Center Version 8.0  saying that the new version would allow users to respond to risks more quickly, more thoroughly, and more efficiently. It noted that Version 8.0 includes several powerful new capabilities, including cloud-based installation, automated risk scoring and advanced machine learning threat detection.

Verve reported that its clients had provided “very positive feedback on the insight and actionability” of the platform’s new features during testing.

It also stressed that the new features built on the company’s integrated approach to OT and IT security. Like previous versions, it explained, Version 8.0 lets users:

  • view 100% of assets via software, without the use of taps or span ports
  • assess hundreds of risk components, not just firmware or vulnerabilities, when setting risk management priorities
  • engage in closed-loop remediation and integrated risk treatment in order to improve response time
  • take advantage of Think Global:Act Local architecture, which ensures local control over remediation operations even as it enables the scaling of central analysis

Verve Industrial’s customers are sure to benefit from the release of Version 8.0 of Verve Security platform, said John Livingston, the company’s CEO. “We are proud of the progress our development team continues to make in support of our clients’ mission,” he said. “Our clients need an OT security platform that enables true cyber security maturity and achieves the same kind of security elements accomplished in IT. Verve 8.0 takes a significant step forward in enabling faster security maturity for our clients.”

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