CI Plus 2.0 USB CAM Ready to Deliver Pay TV Services Globally


A partnership of major players in the CAM ecosystem, led by Irdeto, today announced a productized CI Plus 2.0 USB CAM which is ready for certification. Initially formed in 2017 to support the CI Plus 2.0 Standard, the partnership includes MStar Semiconductor, Inc., SMIT Holdings Limited and TP Vision.

The partner companies have reached the latest milestone in allowing consumers to receive pay TV services on their TVs by leveraging USB-based CAMs, providing an attractive alternative to set-top boxes.

CAMs are already popular across Europe, and the use of a USB over a PC Card (PCMCIA) has additional cost and support benefits for operators looking to give consumers access to pay TV services without the burden of a set-top box. The ubiquity of USB ports on modern TVs means that CAMs based on the CI Plus 2.0 standard will have a global reach and are set to transform the global pay TV market.

Irdeto PR Here

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