Nozomi Networks

Nozomi Networks

Nozomi Networks provides real-time security monitoring for industrial control systems, thus improving resilience for industrial operations. It delivers OT visibility, threat detection, and insight to thousands of the largest critical infrastructure and industrial sites around the world. Nozomi’s flagship solution is called SCADA Guardian. It provides visibility into ICS networks, devices, and processes and helps in protecting control networks from cyberattacks and operational disruptions.

Nazomi has an extensive partner network and has collaborated with companies like Accenture, Atos, Cisco, Capgemini, FireEye, IBM Security, etc. It also uses artificial intelligence to automate inventorying, visualizing and monitoring of industrial control networks.


Guardian: It protects control networks from cyberattacks and operational disruptions by providing complete ICS visibility and security in a single solution.

Central Management Console: The CMC makes it easy to monitor and manage cybersecurity across distributed industrial sites. The single console provides consolidated access to data from all Guardian deployments in the field or on the plant floor.

Smart Polling: extends Guardian’s built-in asset discovery functionality with active capabilities that deliver comprehensive and precise details about each asset in a network.

OT ThreatFeed: delivers up-to-datex industrial threat intelligence to the Nozomi Networks Guardian solution, making it easy to detect threats and identify vulnerabilities in an environment.